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Above & Beyond
Sara has planned multiple events and family trips for us. She always goes above and beyond. We went to Charleston for the Cooper Rive Run and then Kiawah for a family beach trip. She booked the Airbnb, restaurants, and all of our excursions. It was awesome. Not only did I not have to spend hours planning the trip, but Sara did a better job than I would have. She chose restaurants that were vegetarian friendly and either had outside seating or were spaced out enough that we felt comfortable. She also gave us a list of kid friendly excursions. We had a blast at the aquarium and rode bikes on the beach in Kiawah. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely use Sara again.
Destination Change in Under 24 Hours
Sara is phenomenal at trip planning. She planned my bachelorette trip to Charleston, South Carolina. She listened to what I liked and didn’t like in order to come up with an amazing itinerary. She planned events for a wide group of people from people looking to relax and have a good time to a pregnant woman who needed to take it easy. She took into consideration our needs and was able to plan a great trip. The day before the trip, a huge hurricane was set to hit Charleston and we needed to cancel our trip. Sara, always the professional, was able to plan a second trip in 24 hours to Nashville. I was amazed. We had a great time. We had dinner reservations and activities during the day. You would have not had an idea that this was our second destination. She found wonderful restaurants to experience and great live music during the day. She found some entertaining bars to enjoy the local flavors. It’s a trip I’ll never forget and I’m glad we ended up in Nashville.

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